Paperless Onboarding

Are you still handing your new Agents a bulky folder of endless paperwork when they join your Market Center? We can harness the paperless ease of dotloop and get your entire onboarding process online. We will map all fields so that nothing is skipped and everyone knows what they need to sign, initial, or complete. 

Now your Broker, Team Leader, Market Center Administrator, Agent Services Coordinator, Productivity Coach, and any other staff member can access the information they need without hunting down file folders. Your new Agent can access the forms as well for their own reference later. You can even share completed forms directly to vendors from the loop such as your local MLS, showing services, and your allied partners.

​When you provide us with a list of what each staff person is responsible for throughout your onboarding process, we can even create a task list within the system so you can be sure nothing falls through the cracks for your new Agent.