About Our Team

Mission Statement

At UpTechpro, every service we provide and decision we make boils down to this: will it be beneficial to you, the client? Our company culture is one of the integrity, accountability, and teamwork, and we strive to offer you excellent customer service and communication with every step of the process. We are constantly innovating new time-saving solutions to make your job easier, and hope that our Technology Setups and Web Enhancement Services provide you the support and tools you need to be successful. 

​Thank you for doing business with us!

About the Founder

Nicole Joyce knows the successes and challenges of being an agent. As a top-producing agent at the Southwest Market Center in Houston, she witnessed the launch of eEdge and the subsequent struggle many had utilizing the innovative tools. With a desire to help others succeed, she began training agents and offering technology solutions to leadership, soon becoming the Houston Area Director of KW Technology. To meet the growing demands for supporting the technology needs of 14 market centers she founded UpTechpro, Technology Solutions for Productivity, in 2013. Starting with basic technology setups, her team has expanded to include paperless on boarding, dotloop dashboard management, website enhancements, and more. Most of her Market Center clients now offer her setups as an integral part of their agents' startup package.

As a KW Technology Ambassador she has served as a panelist and presenter for breakout sessions at KW Family Reunion & KW Mega Camp. Nicole is thrilled about the commitment of KWRI Leadership has made to becoming industry innovators in technology. She is a champion to the cause for elevating the KW Technology Ambassador role in supporting the market center leadership and agents. Her UpTechpro team is made up of dedicated associates who continue to help agents successfully harness their KW Technology to reach their full potential. 

Prior to entering real estate, Nicole worked as a construction designer and project manager overseeing the restoration of historical structures with meticulous care and accuracy. She enjoys immersing herself in new cultures through travel, and loves a good puzzle-which probably explains her knack for problem solving!

Amanda Oliver
Director of Agent Setups

Amanda has been with UpTechpro since 2015. As Director of Agent Setups, she processes incoming Agents, oversees their KW Technology Setup from start to finish, and provides additional support to Agents and Market Centers Post-Setup.

​She strives to cultivate positive relationships with our Market Centers and Agents through excellent service and mutual trust. Her hope is that UpTechpro provides a reliable, helpful resource to make the transition to KW as smooth and easy as possible for our clients.

Amanda was born and raised in Austin, TX. Her interests include classic films, live music, reading, and being outdoors.

Nicolette Dugas
Director of Billing

Nicolette oversees invoicing and billing. She hopes that working with Uptechpro creates productive Market Centers and makes Agents’ jobs easier by utilizing technology to grow their brands and reach customers.

A believer in optimism productivity, Nicolette is a lively force within the company and is driven to help it grow and succeed by servicing Agents and Market Centers with informative resources and time-saving solutions.

Previously an Earth science teacher, Nicolette is pursuing her Masters degree in Environmental Science focusing on contaminant hydrology. During her off time, she enjoys creating mixed media art, attending music festivals, and fire dancing!

Amber Oliver
Agent Setup Technician

Formerly a business succession and retirement blogger, Amber is passionate about working with entrepreneurial spirits to help promote their unique visions and endeavors. Her hope is that our website enhancements and additional services boost Agents' search engine rankings and create fantastic customer outreach by utilizing their technology to its fullest potential.

Amber’s work philosophy is largely inspired by minimalist artists, like filmmaker Jean-Pierre Melville. She believes the most effective solution is one that is both direct and elegant.

During her off time, she enjoys listening to global music, cooking, and working on the ever-elusive first novel.